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Mining Review: 25th Year (1971-72)

The twenty-fifth year of the coal industry's own newsreel

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This is a complete list of items screened during Mining Review's 25th year:

September 1971 - No. 1

The Air We Breathe
Clean air in mines. The NCB's work in keeping a dust and pollution-free environment underground.
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October 1971 - No. 2

Coal Board Engineer Clive Wood has spent years of his spare time building a model locomotive.
At Lound Hall Training Centre many models and old mining relics are on show in a newly established museum.

November 1971 - No. 3

Some of the work of the Coal Research Establishment and some new developments in the use of coal.

December 1971 - No. 4

At every British coal mine, men and management are wageing war on dust.

January 1972 - No. 5

The changes that have taken place since the National Coal Board started to operate the nation's mines twenty-five years ago.

February 1972 - No. 6

60 million tons of dirt come out of the mines for every 150 million tons of coal. All of this waste has to be disposed of safely and economically.
The ancient cottage industries of Nottinghamshire have been revived in Calverton, where miners wives are producing hand-knitted garments for the export trade.
As a protection against carbon monoxide gas every miner now carries his own 'self-rescue' breathing apparatus.

March 1972 - No. 7

Britain's changing landscape, and its continued dependence on coal for its energy needs.

April 1972 - No. 8

After the miners' strike and the Wilberforce settlement, the film examines the need to restructure the industry and to create a real national fuel policy to use all Britain's natural resources.

May 1972 - No. 9

Flash Point
How constant vigilance by miners and scientists is defeating one particular underground hazard - the ignition of methane gas.

Tom McGuinness
A portrait of artist-miner Tom McGuinness at his first London exhibition.

June 1972 - No. 10

Beamish Hall, the site of the new North of England Open Museum.
Jim Caine, storekeeper at Whitburn's central stores, is secretary of a local youth club, coach, trainer and manager of the Terrors, a girls' football team.
A new coal preparation plant at a colliery in Kent.

July 1972 - No. 11

Thornhill Colliery in North Yorkshire provides one of the studio backgrounds for the TV children's serial Follyfoot.
The installation of modern solid-fuel central heating as part of many home improvement schemes.
Technical improvements on power-loading machinery help cut down accidents and point to complete mechanisation of the coal face.

August 1972 - No. 12

The changes that have taken place in training new entrants to the mining industry over the past 25 years.
The importance of the Outward Bound School Scheme.

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