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Review: 26th Year (1972-73)

The twenty-sixth year of the coal industry's own newsreel

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This is a complete list of items screened during Review's 26th year:

September 1972 - No. 1

Energy - How Much, How Long?
Some of the problems likely to arise before the year 2000 due to the world's diminishing energy resources.

October 1972 - No. 2

Return to Life
Produced in collaboration with the National Association of Mental Health, this issue examines some of the ways in which the mentally ill can be rehabilitated.
*This film can be viewed on BFI InView.

November 1972 - No. 3

The Solway Site
The transformation of a derelict opencast coal working near Batley in Yorkshire into an informal park.

CUMM '72
Scenes from the International Mining Equipment Exhibition in London.

Project Immingham
The building and operation of a new super-dock on the Humber at Immingham for the export of coal and import of iron ore.

December 1972 - No. 4

Coals From Newcastle
A profile of Tyneside and the North East and the role of coal mining in the continuing development of the area.

January 1973 - No. 5

Into Europe
The relationship which British coalmining will bear to her continental partners in the European Common Market, and also sums up once again the energy problems which confront the world.
*This film can be viewed on BFI InView.

February 1973 - No. 6

Fuelling the Nation
The distribution of coal from the collieries for domestic and industrial uses, including deliveries by barge for the small user, and deliveries to new district heating schemes. Modernisation of sales techniques are also considered, with a look at the fire-bird sales girls and the new Bannenberg fire-places.

March 1973 - No. 7

One Weekend
A January weekend, when a 70 year old colliery held open house - and opened a new coal-seam, when a mining engineer unveiled a new model toy, and when a big excavator crossed the country to start work at an opencast site.

April 1973 - No. 8

The North West
The role played by coal in the continuing industrial development of the North West of England.

May 1973 - No. 9

The 21-year-old Coal Industry Social Welfare Organisation, and its continuing aims of working towards the welfare, in its broadest sense, of every miner.
*This film can be viewed on BFI InView.

June 1973 - No. 10

A revolutionary capsule, based on space technology, replaces the conventional lifeboat in rescuing men from a North Sea rig.

July 1973 - No. 11

Scotland Yesterday-Today
Scotland past, present and future: its mining, fishing, agricultural, engineering and shipbuilding industries.

August 1973 - No. 12

'Morning, Milkman'
The story of milk - from farm, to milkman, to consumer.

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