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Review: 27th Year (1973-74)

The twenty-seventh year of the coal industry's own newsreel

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This is a complete list of items screened during Review's 27th year:

September 1973 - No. 1

The landscape and industry of Yorkshire, with particular emphasis on the coal fields in the county.

October 1973 - No. 2

Miners enjoying their leisure at the Annual Workers Musical Association Summer School

November 1973 - No. 3

How the City of Nottingham is combining coal and the city's refuse in order to operate a district heating system.

December 1973 - No. 4

Why some people get too little of the foods necessary for good health while others are overweight through eating too much food of little nutritional value.

January 1974 - No. 5

British mines are the safest in the world, but when an emergency does arise, the highly-trained men of Mines Rescue are ready to deal with it.

February 1974 - No. 6

Brewing, potteries and bell-founding all have their roots in Midland history, its canals and its coal.

March 1974 - No. 7

With the fuel crisis in Britain, the bicycle comes into its own as a humane machine, efficient and adaptable alike for work and pleasure.

April 1974 - No. 8

The importance of people taking care of their health.

May 1974 - No. 9

London's Burning
The great fire in 1666 destroyed much of the City of London. The reconstruction of the City was to a large extent paid for by a 'temporary' coal tax which lasted for over 200 years.

June 1974 - No. 10

The English cheesemaking industry.

July 1974 - No. 11

The importance of planning from design, through testing and during manufacture to ensure quality in clothing or in foodstuffs.

August 1974 - No. 12

How Britain's coal industry is expanding to meet the demands of the 80s and after. New collieries, as well as reconstructed existing pits can boost output to 150 million tons per year.

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