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Review: 28th Year (1974-75)

The twenty-eighth year of the coal industry's own newsreel

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This is a complete list of items screened during Review's 28th year:

September 1974 - No. 1

Tomorrow's Money
The evolution of banking and credit systems in Britain, culminating in the growth of credit card facilities.

October 1974 - No. 2

Mining Equipment Worldwide
The manufacture and applications of British mining machinery, which is found on coal faces all over the world, combined with the story of how it is made and of what it has meant to productivity in coal mines.

November 1974 - No. 3

Behind the Brew
The work of the Brewing Industry's Research Foundation, which not only monitors and evaluates the quality of beers, but contributes to knowledge of raw materials such as barley, hops and yeast.

December 1974 - No. 4

The 600
The six hundred people who keep one of the major banks supplied with stationery and office supplies.

January 1975 - No. 5

The Housing Problem
Britain's housing problem, and the importance of good housing as essential for the enjoyment of a fuller life.

February 1975 - No. 6

From Ship to Shelf
The story of the importation, sampling, selling, blending, packing and marketing of Britain's most popular beverage.

March 1975 - No. 7

The Energy Crisis
How Britain's way of life has been affected by the patterns of energy supply over the past thirty years. The film also makes a forecast of the future.

April 1975 - No. 8

Cleaning Up
For every ton of coal mined, nearly a ton of dirt is brought to the surface, but this so-called minestone can be put to various uses in road construction and other building and engineering works.

May 1975 - No. 9

Service for Conservation
The importance of energy conservation, and the work of Bradford's Energy Conservation Engineer, the first to be appointed by a local authority.

June 1975 - No. 10

Cement - and Coal
Chalk, clay and coal pour into Britain's largest and newest cement works, to produce over four million tons of cement each year.

July 1975 - No. 11

Wales, today as in the past, builds on her traditions to measure her future - a future based on the sensible use of her mineral resources.

August 1975 - No. 12

Woman's Estate
A look at aspects of International Women's Year, in 1975, including the Equal Pay Act and the Sex Discrimination Bill, which mark a new milestone in the emancipation of women.
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