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Review: 29th Year (1975-76)

The twenty-ninth year of the coal industry's own newsreel

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This is a complete list of items screened during Review's 29th year:

September 1975 - No. 1

This is the Royal British Legion
A brief history of the Royal British Legion, founded in 1921 under its original name of the British Legion, and a look at the work it does, giving care and concern for the millions of ex-servicemen and their dependents.

October 1975 - No. 2

North By North-East
A survey of the North East coalfield which extends far out under the North Sea. John Mills, the Coal Board's member in charge of coal production, surveys it from both the air and underground.

November 1975 - No. 3

Out of Our Past
The importance of industrial archaeology to the coal mining industry in the U.K.

December 1975 - No. 4

File on a Killer
For twenty years, the rate of heart disease has been climbing. The film points out several ways of reducing the risk of heart disease, remedies including a healthy diet, exercise, cutting down on smoking and avoiding stress.

January 1976 - No. 5

Some of the ways in which industry and house-holders can save energy.

February 1976 - No. 6

There's Plenty More Where That Came From
The work of planning engineers in the country's largest coalfield.
*This film can be viewed on BFI InView.

March 1976 - No. 7

Remote control and monitoring of processes in the coal mining industry, leading to a more rewarding use of valuable manpower.

April 1976 - No. 8

Scientific Control
The work of eight scientific laboratories throughout Britain who strive to ensure the health and safety of mineworkers and the protection of the community.

May 1976 - No. 9

Coal Country
The mining industry in Nottinghamshire, and the changes which have been seen in the lifetime of the country's mining community.

June 1976 - No. 10

Past and Present
Photographic records of British coalfields from the late 19th century onwards, which have charted the progress of the continually changing coalfields.

July 1976 - No. 11

In Place of Cash
The banking service operated by the Post Office, including National Giro and the services it offers.

August 1976 - No. 12

The Generation Gap
The generation that has seen the mining industry restructured and streamlined to serve the nation's energy needs in the future.

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