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Review: 30th Year (1976-77)

The thirtieth year of the coal industry's own newsreel

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The 30th year of Review (formerly Mining Review) was also the 30th anniversary of the nationalisation of the coal industry, which provided excuses both for reflection and looking forward - initially in the form of a statement by the then National Coal Board chairman and future Liberal Democrat peer (and energy spokesman) Sir Derek Ezra. There was also a noticeable focus on the subject of conservation of natural resources, inspired both by the severe drought of the summer of 1976 and a coming 'energy gap': it was predicted that Britain would not be able to generate enough power with existing resources to sustain itself by the year 2000.

This is a complete list of items screened during Review's 30th year:

September 1976 - No. 1

Old Wine - New Bottles
Statement on the coal industry's short and long term future by Sir Derek Ezra.

October 1976 - No. 2

No details available

November 1976 - No. 3

Running Out
Without water we would not survive. The 'drought' summer of 1976 reinforced the message that we must conserve all the natural resources and only spend them with care.
*This film can be viewed on BFI InView.

December 1976 - No. 4

On 29th October 1976, the Duchess of Kent inaugurated the Selby coalfield.

January 1977 - No. 5

30 Years
Will Paynter discusses to what extent the aspirations of miners have been met by 30 years of nationalisation.
*This film can be viewed on BFI InView.

February 1977 - No. 6

Waste Not - Want Not
Emphasises that everyone can play a part in conserving resources.

March 1977 - No. 7

Plan 2000
The British coal industry's plans for filling the energy gap that threatens to occur by the year 2000.

April 1977 - No. 8

One Man One Dog
The work of the Metropolitan Police Dog Section.

May 1977 - No. 9

Stage A Smile
The dental care of the young.

June 1977 - No. 10

Art and Mining
It is only during the last 60 years that the arts have concerned themselves with miners and their craft. Much that has been created since has come out of the industry itself.

July 1977 - No. 11

The work of the National Trust.

August 1977 - No. 12

Eight Feet Tall
The special contribution of the Mounted Branch to the work of the Metropolitan Police.

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