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Review: 31st Year (1977-78)

The thirty-first year of the coal industry's own newsreel

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This is a complete list of items screened during Review's 31st year:

September 1977 - No. 1

Eyesores to Assets
The contribution being made by the mining industry to the reclamation and restoration of land.

October 1977 - No. 2

Eating What Comes Naturally
The importance of diet and exercise.

November 1977 - No. 3

Big Geordie Takes a Walk
The operation of 'Big Geordie', an enormous dragline in the Northumberland coalfields.

December 1977 - No. 4

Examines the growing need to conserve fossil fuels for transport and chemical feedstocks, and the increasing use of nuclear energy.

January 1978 - No. 5

Mining Festival 1977
Britain's mineworkers and their families take over Blackpool for a Guy Fawkes weekend of festivity and celebration.

February 1978 - No. 6

By-Product Bonus
The work of Thomas Ness Ltd. a subsidiary of the National Coal Board, in researching, producing and marketing coal-based chemicals.
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March 1978 - No. 7

The work of the Mining Research & Development Establishment in Staffordshire.

April 1978 - No. 8

Life After Work
The importance of pre-retirement education and planning ahead for a happy and meaningful retirement.

May 1978 - No. 9

Every Baby's Birthright
Susan Hampshire launches the Spastics Society's Campaign to prevent babies being born handicapped, by bringing antenatal and childbirth care up to the highest standard.

June 1978 - No. 10

The products that can be processed from coal, including gasoline.

July 1978 - No. 11

How the coal mining industry controls subsidence over the surface of the land, and how property owners are protected.

August 1978 - No. 12

The Yorkshire coalfield has a long history. Relics of its past go side by side with some of Britain's biggest and most modern mines.

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