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Review: 34th Year (1980-81)

The thirty-fourth year of the coal industry's own newsreel

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This is a complete list of items screened during Review's 34th year:

September 1980 - No. 1

Newcastle 900
The celebrations marking the ninth centenary of Newcastle.

October 1980 - No. 2

About the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme.

November 1980 - No. 3

About the increasingly important role of occupational medicine in protecting the health of people at work.

December 1980 - No. 4

We Are Your Neighbours
About the Spastics Society's work in encouring handicapped people to play a more intergrated part in society.

January 1981 - No. 5

How methane gas, which can be a hazard in coal mines, when safely pumped to the surface becomes a saleable asset.
*This film can be viewed on BFI InView.

February 1981 - No. 6

Hostelling Holidays
About modern youth hostels and the facilities they offer in many parts of the world to whole families as well as young people.

March 1981 - No. 7

John Hillaby looks at the nature reserve of Fairburn Ings, Yorkshire.

April 1981 - No. 8

Homes Sweet Homes
April 1981 was designated as Home Improvement Month. The film describes the grants offered by local authorities to help householders refurbish sub-standard homes.

May 1981 - No. 9

The Long, The Short & The Tall
Explains the need for planning and investment in the mining industry.

June 1981 - No. 10

Explains that coal has been transported up the Thames for six hundred years, and that the tax on coal imported into London paid for the reshaping of the City.

July 1981 - No. 11

Art in Industry
Explains how the Artist in Industry Fellowship Scheme gives a painter the opportunity of working for two months at a Yorkshire colliery. Partly filmed at Maltby Colliery with artist Paul Butler.

August 1981 - No. 12

Landscape with Coal
Shows how architecture, landscape and interior design help to integrate the mining industry with the environment.
*This film can be viewed on BFI InView.

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