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Review: 35th Year (1981-82)

The thirty-fifth year of the coal industry's own newsreel

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This is a complete list of items screened during Review's 35th year:

September 1981 - No. 1

Back to Coal
Shows that the major share of Britain's energy market is taken by coal and how new boilers and new techniques allow industry to put solid fuel to the most efficient use.

October 1981 - No. 2

Safety Is No Accident
Shows the daily work of the pit safety officer at a mine in Yorkshire.
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November 1981 - No. 3

Sea Coal
Ellington Colliery in Northumberland forms part of the world's largest undersea mining complex.

December 1981 - No. 4

Britain's National Mining Museum near Retford in Nottinghamshire, and the Beamish Open Air Museum in County Durham.

January 1982 - No. 5

Family Economy
The work of the NCB Central Stores and the use of computers in its operation.

February 1982 - No. 6

Suggests how the growth of computer technology in industry is fed by the increasing use of computers in schools.

March 1982 - No. 7

The links between coal mining and the church are emphasised by two miners who also act as priests.

April 1982 - No. 8

Out Into the World
The story of British coal exports, an historic trade which suffered a decline in the years of cheap oil but which is now facing an expanding future.
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May 1982 - No. 9

Progress and Change
A report on the state of the coal mining industry in Britain, with a look to its future.

June 1982 - No. 10

The director of the Mining Research and Development Establishment talks of the contribution of computers and micro-electronics to the coal mining industry.
*This film can be viewed on BFI InView.

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