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Review: 36th Year (1982-83)

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This is a complete list of items screened during Review's final year:

September 1982 - No. 1

Describes the job of exploration engineers, who are responsible for ensuring the continuity of Britain's energy supplies.

October 1982 - No. 2

Where Do I Go From Here?
A residential training centre run by the Spastics Society where disabled youngsters are trained for jobs in industry.

November 1982 - No. 3

Unit Trusts: Investing for the Future
An outline of the savings opportunities offered by Unit Trusts.

December 1982 - No. 4

Aspects of world poverty.

January 1983 - No. 5

Out of Darkness, Light
The final issue of the series, which takes a look back at the nationalisation of the coal industry in 1947, and hazards a look to the future. The commentary concludes that "Only coal, exemplified by the impending birth of the new Selby coalfield, with its vast reserves, can guarantee us a supply of energy for centuries ahead... There must, and will be a light..."

Michael Brooke, with data from the BFI SIFT database

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