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Mining Review: 7th Year (1953-54)

The seventh year of the coal industry's own newsreel

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This is a complete list of items screened during Mining Review's seventh year:

September 1953 - No. 1

Lift on the Way
Installation of a passenger lift from pithead to baths at Oakdale colliery.

Piece of Cake
Miner George Thorpe, from Allerton Bywater, Yorkshire, and his hobby of cake making.

Marietta on Trial
American Marietta miner at work driving roadway through stone at Wellesley Colliery.

14 Days
Two miners and two girls on holiday at Barry Island.

October 1953 - No. 2

Eisteddfod 1954
The consecration ceremony at Ystrad Gynlais, Glamorgan.

Sea Coal
Echo sounding the sea bed.

Sack Race
A coal-heavers' race at Stafford - miners carrying a hundredweight sack of coal at the local fĂȘte.

November 1953 - No. 3

Nystagmus (1)
The nature of the disease, and its prevention - good lighting and surfaces reflecting as much light as possible.

Bowhill Underground
Double drum haulage and mechanised pit bottom at Bowhill, Fife.

Off Shore
Scottish miner-cum-boat builder Tom Carrington, with his boats Firefly and Llanelly.

December 1953 - No. 4

A Seat on A5
How retired miners at Dordon, Staffordshire, spend their day.

Nystagmus (2)
Treatment of the eye disease.

On the Dumps
Testing heavy-duty dump trucks at Arkwright Colliery near Chesterfield.

A Merry Xmas
A children's Christmas party at Clipstone, Nottingham.

January 1954 - No. 5

Pits of the Future: 1. Bevercotes
Shaft sinking with freezing and successful unorthodox methods.

Efficiency Show
Manchester fuel efficiency exhibition held in the City Hall.

Belt Shop
Reclamation of used conveyor belts at Brookhouse Colliery near Sheffield.

Nystagmus (3)
The return to work of a rehabilitated miner.

February 1954 - No. 6

Coal: Our Wasting Asset
Complete issue on fuel economy and fuel conservation.

March 1954 - No. 7

Wagon Wheels
Wagon handling at Dalkeith Coal Preparation plant.

Winged Victory
FA Amateur Cup Second Round Match, Pegasus v Gelding Colliery, Pegasus winning 6 goals to 1.

Methane drainage and utilisation at Haig Colliery, Whitehaven. The gas is piped from the colliery to the local gasworks and mixed with town gas and used by the residents of Whitehaven.

Mining in vertical seams at Gilmerton Colliery.

April 1954 - No. 8

Anthracite Field
Initial sinking operations in creating a new anthracite mining colliery in Cynheidre, South Wales.

Time Out
The Turner family in Yorkshire and their care of pit ponies.

Bowhill On Top
A continuation of the story of the modernisation of Bowhill Colliery, Fife (as featured in 7th Year No.3).

Ideas Man
Gerald Russon from Thoresby Colliery demonstrates two of his inventions for safety in mines. The first is the face conveyor signalling and motor control device which allows the conveyor to be stopped at once from anywhere on the face. The second is the slack rope alarm for the safe operation of the cage up and down the mineshaft.

May 1954 - No. 9

Safety Fast
The Seckar man-riding invention at Haig Drift mine, Yorkshire, which saves miners a 50 minute walk.

A miner's comedy band (from Silverwood Colliery) which supports Rotherham United, and the 5th Sheffield brass band festival contest - won by Wharncliffe Silkstone Colliery band.

Radio Rescue
A practical demonstration of the East Midlands ambulance service's use of radio communication in rescuing an injured miner.

June 1954 - No. 10

Ledstone Luck
Re-organized haulage at Ledstone Luck colliery, Yorkshire.

Motor Show
Bolsover motorcar sales show, with miner Godfrey Hall and his wife inspecting and test riding a car.

Taking Stock
Training pit storekeepers at Bolsover.

Sadler's Welsh
Welsh ex-miners in the chorus at Sadlers Wells Opera, seen performing and in rehearsals for Bizet's opera The Pearl Fishers.

July 1954 - No. 11

Off the north-east coast near Cullercoats, ex-miners Ted Oliver and Chadwick salvage a wrecked ship for steel.

New Drill
Testing of American Cardox Auger Miner at Hucknall Colliery near Nottingham.

Wortley Hall
How a miner, Vin Williams, turned a mansion into a rest home and holiday centre for miners and their families.

August 1954 - No. 12

At Home
Houses built for miners in Dordon, Midlands.

Tamworth Gala
Includes the dedication ceremony by the Bishop of Lichfield, crowning of Coal Queen Alice Bowen, speeches by Arthur Horner of the NUM and Rt. Hon James Griffiths, and the baby show.

Cut & Carry
Cutting and lifting coal with scraper boxes at Plean Colliery, Scotland.

Miners from the West Riding Colliery give performance of Delibes' Coppelia for charity at Normanton Central Town Club.

Michael Brooke, with data from the BFI SIFT database

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