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New Explorers, The (1955)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

In Abu Dhabi, a representative of BP negotiates with staff of Sheik Shakbut bin Sultan. Eventually they conclude with an agreement allowing the oil company to search for oil within his realm.

In Canada, a small group of oil surveyors make an expedition on horseback into the wilderness. They pitch camp, and the geologists examine rocks for evidence of oil. The geologists avoid an avalanche caused by passing caribou and return to camp.

A plane lands at Zanzibar airport delivering a BP oilman, who travels by Land Rover through town to the BP base. At a villa, an engineer speaks with the site manager. Explosives are set to assist seismic exploration. Activity through a geophone monitor halts the explosion. An investigation reveals local people working near the site of the geophone, and they are told to move away. The detonation process recommences. A large explosion blows sand up into the air.

In Papua New Guinea, some BP men direct indigenous people on a work duty. Elsewhere on the island, Papuans reporting for work are asked a series of questions, and are measured up for safety gear. A team make their way through the jungle. A boat travels along a Papuan river to a village, where BP men disembark and travel to a drill head in the interior. A helicopter descends into a deforested area and offloads boxes of provisions. It lands again and the pilot picks up a 'sick native' to take to a medic. The helicopter departs.

A boat approaches the island of Trinidad; calypso music on the soundtrack narrates the proceeding activity. A man rides his bicycle through town to the port. A group of Trinidadians take a boat to an exploration rig out at sea. On board the rig the men engage in various construction and maintenance tasks. At the day's end the men leave the rig by boat.

On Sicily, oil drillers meet in a town square before leaving by truck for the drill site. Driving through the hills, they find their path blocked by a horse-drawn cart in difficulty. One of the drillers leaves the truck to assist and the cart is moved out of the way. Their truck arrives at the drill site and they get to work. The drill is reengaged and penetrates the earth. The film ends without any oil having been found.