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Home-Made Car, The (1963)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

A young man searches through a scrap metal yard. He finds the chassis of an old car and buys it. At his house he unloads car parts into his garage, watched by his concerned mother and a girl who lives next door. The man watches a beautiful young woman neighbour go out.

He pushes the car chassis down the street to his local service station. The beautiful neighbour is a receptionist there. The service station owner helps him move the chassis into a rear workshop, where they begin welding work.

Back in his own garage, the man works on the car and pushes the chassis on to the drive. The girl next door watches over the fence. The man's attention is attracted by an engine noise. A caddish man speeds down the street in a flash new sports car. He parks up. The beautiful young woman comes to meet him. She gets in the sports car and they speed off.

While the man works on car parts in his garage, a rag and bone man comes down the street. The girl whistles him over and directs him to take various car parts from the drive. The man notices they are gone and rushes off in pursuit to retrieve them.

On another day the man exhausts himself fitting the engine into the car. He befriends the girl next door. He pushes the car to the service station's workshop, watched by the receptionist.

The cad speeds down a road and turns into the service station, where the receptionist rushes out to meet him. The young man and service station owner look on disapprovingly as the pair drive off.

The young man fits the car body to the chassis. The rag and bone man passes by again but this time he is scared off by the girl. The young man and the girl paint the car and clean it up.

The man takes the fully restored car to the service station, where it is admired. The cad speeds up to the service station with the beautiful receptionist. Distracted by the restored car he ploughs into a flower stand. The young man captures the attention of the beautiful woman, invites her to his car and they drive away. They return to their street, pick up the girl and all three drive off into the country.