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Mitchell and Kenyon: Llandudno May Day (1907)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

Mitchell and Kenyon 223 - May Day Parade

A brass band comprising tubas, trombones and trumpets walks down the street. A cart-horse decorated with flowers advertising 'Jones Farm, Llandudno' is followed by a horse-drawn cart advertising 'Howard Owen, Joiner, Builder and Funerals Completely Furnished, Madog Street'. A man in fancy dress and a clown ride bicycles. Boys pull a cart advertising a firm of chimney sweeps. On the float, a person in fancy dress bangs an object on a table. A blacked-up man wearing a wide-brimmed hat and holding a banjo rides on horseback, with baskets attached to its saddle. A clown holds balloons. Advertising board from Princes Theatre; bicycles decorated with flowers [a competition as the bike or riders have numbers pinned to them], horse-drawn cart full of children, horse-drawn cart full of men, one holding a silver cup trophy; sign on cart reading '? Cup Winners'. Board advertising 'Parisian Amalagamated Picture Co. Princes Theatre. Grand Re-Production of the Llandudno May Day Procession. Frid. & Sat. Next May 3rd & 4th and throughout the following week. Popular Prices. 2/-, 1/- 6d. Children half-price. Don't fail to come and see yourself as others see you'. Two men in large face masks, and yeoman-type costumes, stand by the board and point to it, one with a club, the other a stick. A different group of people standing in front of the sign including a man in a white hat, double-breasted coat, moustache. He takes off his hat and waves.

Mitchell and Kenyon 224 - May Queen Parade

Three horse-drawn, empty carriages drive down the promenade followed by two men on horseback, one wearing a top hat. A coachman in livery drives the carriage bearing the May Queen - the carriage is heavily decorated with flowers. Camera freezes on the head and shoulders of the young May Queen framed in an arc of flowers; further shot of May Queen in carriage and a shot, partially showing the faces of two female attendants. A horse-drawn cart decorated with flowers (00.50). A horse-drawn van advertising the Llandudno Laundry in Warehouse Street. One man drives the horses, the other walks along holding the horses' reins. Carriage advertising Brinsmead Pianos. The float has a curtained four-poster bed on it.