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Mitchell and Kenyon: Visit of HRH Princess Louise to Blackburn (1905)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

Mitchell and Kenyon 256

The visit of Princess Louise to Blackburn. A military band leads a procession of other soldiers along the side of the bunting-festooned square. Soldiers ride ahead of carriages carrying dignitaries.

Mitchell and Kenyon 259

The carriage bearing Princess Louise comes to a halt. The Princess alights, preceded by a portly man with white hair (who may be her husband, the 9th Duke of Argyll), and is greeted by the Mayor. Large crowds watch the proceedings. Princess Louise moves forward with the dignitaries to the [unseeen] area in which she will pull the rope to unveil the statue of Queen Victoria. The carriage moves off, the Princess moves out of shot and other carriages carrying dignitaries come into view. Princess Louise, the Lord Mayor, her lady-in waiting (?), the portly man with other officials speaking. They glance upwards at the [unseen] statue and stand back to admire. A man standing on his own in the same location as the group previously. He holds his top hat, gives little bows, and appears to be speaking. The Princess takes leave of the officials. The Mayor leads three cheers and the crowd responds.

Mitchell and Kenyon 260

The unveiling of a statue of Queen Victoria by Princess Louise. The crowds stand at the foot of a draped statue of Queen Victoria. A cameraman can be seen at the base of the statue turning the camera and putting in new plates. Bunting flies from the lamp-posts. The drape falls away from the statue. Crowds of people watch the Princess leave the unveiling ceremony. The Princess walks to her carriage accompanied by the Lord Mayor. Princess Louise gets into the carriage followed by two men (one white haired and bearded) and a lady. The carriage moves off. A procession along one side of the square in which the statue stands. Princess Louise is seen briefly in the carriage ; six mounted soldiers with rifles follow it. Queen Victoria's statue is seen on the left of the screen.

Mitchell and Kenyon 364

The decorated and crowded square is dominated by a statue of Queen Victoria. The statue is unveiled during the shot. A cameraman can just be seen operating near the statue. Ground shot of top-hated man with crowd in background. A still photographer is also in view. The man is joined by a lady - not Princess Louise. The crowds and marching soldiers, sign reading 'Welcome to Princess Louise'. Ground view of the statue with large church in the background and crowds milling in the foreground. A large building - with sign for 'Palace' (Theatre?) and 'Welcome Royal Lady', crowds mill in foreground.