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Mitchell and Kenyon: Cunard Mail Steamer 'Lucania' (1901)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

Mitchell and Kenyon 229: Cunard

On the Liverpool quayside, a wagon moves off, loaded with crates and boxes. A sign reads 'For Baggage Only'. Baggage is taken from the carts and carried up a ramp onto the ship. In the middle distance passengers walk across the 'gangplank' boarding the ship. The port-side of the hull and upper decks of the liner can be seen. On the port-side of the liner, the name 'Lucania' is visible. There is a small, stationary boat full of people in front of the bow of the ship. A crowd of people stands on the quayside looking down at the stretch of water between the quay and the liner where three men are standing up and bobbing up and down in a rowing boat.

Mitchell and Kenyon 231: Lifeboat Drill

Lifeboats are raised along the hull of the steamer. Men stand in the lifeboats and others on the first deck hauling on ropes. The boats are in position and the men leave.

Mitchell and Kenyon 232: Lifeboat Drill

On the port side of the steamer, life boats are swung out and lowered, watched by passengers from the decks.

Mitchell and Kenyon 234: 3rd Class Passengers

Passengers are crowding to board the ship. Mainly women, they walk onto the boat carrying hand luggage. A naval officer helps some of them along. Above the deck, men work in the rigging and lower a lifeboat complete with sailors.

Mitchell and Kenyon 237

The passenger liner 'Skirmisher' passes. Port-side of the 'Lucania', passengers wave handkerchief through portholes.

Mitchell and Kenyon 240: Liverpool Docks

Crowds stand on the quayside in front of the Refreshment Room and Luggage Room of Liverpool Docks. A sign for 'Jaeger. Church Street, Liverpool' can be seen.