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St. Kilda, Its People and Birds (1908)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

A large rowing boat approaches the quay on the Island of St Kilda. Men on the quay watch the boat and throw down a line to tie up the boat. Dogs run around while the fishermen unload their fish. Landing on the Bird Rock, a man is seen swinging round a rocky crag on a rope, while below a small rowing boat bobs on the waves. Another man is seen climbing, with some difficulty, from the boat onto the rock face. Two men on rocky cliff path pose beside their snares and a small pile of birds. Fulmar Petrels are shown nesting on the cliff face and in flight wheeling round the rocks. A Fulmar is shown in its nest, a Fulmar chick on the ground. A title indicates that young fulmars are a staple diet of the St Kildans, and a bird 'snarer' is shown descending a cliff in search of the young birds. He is lowered down the cliff by rope and later holds a pole and snare with a bird attached by its wings; he shows it to the camera. A colony of guillemots and herring gulls are shown in the Bay of St. Kilda, both on the rocks and circling in the air.