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Mining Review 1/7: Keep It Moving! (1948)


Main image of Mining Review 1/7: Keep It Moving! (1948)
Mining Review 1st Year No. 7: Keep It Moving!
March 1948
35mm, black and white, 2 mins
Director Peter Pickering
Production CompanyData Film Productions
SponsorNational Coal Board

How to ensure efficient coal transportation even in adverse conditions.

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This short item about the various methods of transporting coal from colliery to consumer addressed a key concern of the time: how to prevent the shortages that occurred during the winter of 1946-7. The commentary refers to this obliquely as "what happened last time", in the certain knowledge that the intended audience would have a very good memory of it.

The 1946-7 winter was the worst since 1880. It came at a very bad time for the coal industry, which was already struggling to recover from the Second World War. Not only were shortages rife, but the weather made transportation extremely difficult, especially the crucial journeys from the pits to the factories and power stations. Accordingly, this Mining Review item, shown in March 1948, seeks to reassure the viewer that a great many plans have been laid in place to prevent such a situation happening again.

It stresses the wide range of transport options available (shipping via sea and canal, railway and increasingly road), and that capacity has been increased - for instance, train trucks can now carry sixteen tons of coal instead of the previous ten. The contribution of voluntary workers is also highlighted, the aim being to create an impression of national solidarity in the face of everything the weather could throw at Britain.

As it happened, the 1947-8 winter was mild by comparison, but even if it hadn't been, the National Coal Board assures us via Mining Review that it would have been prepared.

Michael Brooke

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