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Topical Budget 736-1: Transport Through the Ages (1925)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

Transport through the Ages. Railwaymen stage own pageant to mark centenary of locomotives." LS procession of Sea Cadets march with rifles over their shoulders, beside the Pageant Queen and her retinue. The Pageant Queen bows to the camera. Sea Cadets stand to attention on either side of the procession. A Sea Cadet stands in the middle ground holding a large Union Jack flag that flaps in the wind. "A Prehistoric Pullman". LS some men in cavemen cosstumes pull a wooden sledge carrying a large stone. "Introducing Horse Power". MS a horse driven chariot moves towards the camera, followed by armoured men carrying spears riding on horseback. Two men lead the chariot horses. A man and a woman sit in the chariot. All the people wear ancient roman attire. Another chariot follows in the b/g. "When Transport Workers got the Hump!". MS two camels are led forward by a pair of men. The camels carry packs and riders. All the people are dressed in bedouin Arab attire. "The First "Grand Trunk" ". LS two elephants walk R. The first carries an elaborate carriage-saddle containg two passengers, and a rider. The second carries a load of baggage. Two women carrying tall fans, and a turbaned man walk alongside the elephants. The lead elephant is costumed in the design of ancient India, and the people are dressed in ancient regal Indian attire. "A carriage cleaner's daughter was the Pageant's lovely Queen". MS the pageant queen, wearing a large tiara-style crown sits amongst a line of young women holding bunches of flowers. A younger girl stands in the f/g holding a bunch of flowers. CS pageant queen smiling at the camera, holding flowers.