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Away to the West! (1926)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

Many rowing boats are docked at low tide in Clovelly Harbour, Devon. Dotted on the hillsides above the harbour are the homes, shops and hotels of the village. People meander through. A man walks through one of the arches in the vicinity of a hotel. A boy passes through an archway and a family of three climb one of the steep streets of the village. Two women walk through a quiet street, while another street is busier as a larger group of women stroll up and down the incline.

There is a street fair in the village and many of the locals are in fancy dress. Two men are dressed as African tribesmen, another as a Chinaman. A man attends to a humpty-dumpty-like doll in a pram, from which hangs a sign that reads: 'Why did I kiss that Girl'. There are two children dressed as a gentleman and lady, to whom the names 'Darby' and 'Joan' have been pinned; another girl is dressed as a clown. One man wears an elephant mask, another a Red Indian costume.

At Luxulyan runs a waterfall. At the beach people relax on deck chairs, children play in the sand and girls stand at the waves. There is a high bridge that crosses from one cliff to the next over the beach. Two men sit and one woman stands as they look out to sea. Out at sea, a boat sails. On the shore, fishermen throw fish from the bottom of their boat into a barrel. Another man hammers one of many fish barrels shut. Waves crash against the rocks as a lone man stands upon a cliff and looks out towards the sea.