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Scenes in the Cornish Riviera (1904)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

A steam train pulls into a station at Plymouth as uniformed station workers wait on the platform. The engine is detached from the passenger carriages but soon reverses back into position. One train pulls out of the station as its passengers look out of the windows.

The train crosses the Royal Albert Bridge high over the river and enters Cornwall. Men and children gather at Looe harbour where there are many rowing boats. A group of fishermen sit beside a wall and children play on the beach. At Polpero, the mill turns, and at its harbour seagulls scatter above the waves. Out at sea are four fishing smacks with hoisted sails. Along the seafront at Newquay, men, women and children stroll along as a dog runs excitedly. Some children play a game of cricket on the sand and others play leapfrog.

The new Truro Cathedral stands tall in Cornwall. In Falmouth a steam ship travels along the River Fal and picks up passengers from the pier. Young men and children sit at a waterfront. At a different location troops march as a cameraman films them.

On a journey from Falmouth to the Manacles, a motorised coach transports passengers over a bridge. A well-dressed group stroll along a village street. The motorised coach pulls up to the Serpentine Works at The Lizard, where some passengers disembark and new passengers enter.

A journey into Penzance reveals shops by the seafront where horse-drawn carriages travel up and down the street. Over the water is the medieval castle on St. Michael's Mount. Two men throw stones into the water.

Outside of a century-old cottage stands a family with their horse, carriage, and pet dogs. At Land's End, a motorised coach is parked outside the Land's End hotel. A postwoman retrieves mail from a brick postbox close to the edge of a cliff.

The 'City of Cardiff', a grand military vessel, lies abandoned and shipwrecked against rocky cliffs. At St. Ives, schoolchildren gather at the harbour. At the beach men drag a changing cabin along the sand and onto a row of identical ones. Two young women sit on the sand and let the waves crash over them.