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Trip on the Metropolitan Railway, A (1910)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

Views from a tube train on the Metropolitan line from where tracks, stations, arches and countryside are clearly visible. Passengers and uniformed conductors walk the platform of Baker Street station, from which a train sets off. The train emerges from a tunnel at Finchley Road station and travels to Harrow, where passengers wait on the platform. The train branches off where the rails reach a fork in the tracks and heads towards Uxbridge.

It reaches and passes Ruislip Station, and along the banks of the tracks, people sit and watch the train pass by. An advertisement for the 'Daily Mail' hangs from one of the archways. The train pulls into Uxbridge Station where more passengers are visible. The train reaches Pinner station, and from the raised position of the station, the shops, houses and streets of the village of Pinner are visible.

The train then passes through Northwood Station before Sandy Lodge, a small empty wooden station. Entering Rickmansworth, it passes the Chess River before a deep cutting that leads to Chorley Wood station. From there the village of Chorley Wood is in view with shops, houses, a steep village road and children running out onto the Common. The train passes Great Missenden Station and travels through Missenden countryside before it reaches Wendover Station. The train finally pulls in at a busier station where a steam train is also arriving, suggesting that this station is Aylesbury.

Returning to earlier stations on the Metropolitan line, the train travels through Neasden Station where a worker stands calmly by the tracks. It travels on through a walled-in stretch of track where it passes another tube train. It then runs quickly through St John's Wood Station, 'Marlboro' Station and Swiss Cottage Station, which are all shadowed by the darkness of the underground.