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Lazybones (1935)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

Late in the morning, Reggie's maid tries to wake him with a second cup of tea and an alarm clock. When it rings he throws it across the room. Two of his siblings, Hugh and Marjorie, tell him that his girlfriend Kitty has been waiting for hours to see him, so he finally gets out of bed. They can't understand why he hasn't proposed to her yet. He explains that as his only financial assert is the family home and she is a rich American heiress, it would be unfair as he would have nothing to offer. His other sister, Lottie, arrives accompanied by her husband, Hildebrand, who is guarded by Kemp and Richards, two men from the Foreign Office. They are there to protect Hildebrand's documents, which relate to his work as a diplomat dealing with the oil industry.

Kemp and Richards spot Michael McCarthy in the grounds and chase him. He enters the house and tries to rekindle his old romance with Kitty. He tells her that he is now in the oil trade. In Hildebrand's gun case, Marjorie finds confidential documents relating to oil fields. Michael gives Kitty a letter he picked up at the pub she owns; it reveals that she has lost all her money. On his way out, Michael tries unsuccessfully to steal the oil documents.

After many failed attempts, Reggie finally finds the courage to propose to Kitty after she tells him that she is also poor. She refuses to answer his proposal until after they visit her pub. Hildebrand and the rest of Reggie's siblings are convinced that Kitty is only saying that she has lost her fortune to test his resolve. She agrees to get married and they go to London. Outside the registry office, a man desperately tries to dissuade them from getting married, but to no avail. They return to the pub, where Kitty's confidante Bridget tells her that Michael is hiding out there. Reggie's family arrives and Michael sees his chance to get Hildebrand's documents while Kemp and Richards aren't looking. Bridget distracts Kemp so that Michael can try to leave the pub unobserved.

Kitty convinces Reggie's family that she really is broke and gets angry when they tell her that they thought it was a ruse to get him to propose. She thinks that Reggie also thought this and so agrees to help Michael smuggle the documents out in a golf bag. After she leaves, Reggie confronts Michael and punches him, just as Hildebrand returns. Kemp and Richards makes arrangements for Kitty's car to be intercepted and arrest Michael. When Kitty calls the pub, Reggie tells her to hide the golf clubs. He tells her that he loves her and plans to make money from now on.

Reggie goes into business and successfully turns his huge residence into a holiday home for rich people wishing to take a break by pretending to work for a living. He berates Lord Brockley for his poor attempt at being a butler when he introduces Kemp. Reggie has arranged a pardon for Michael on condition that the papers be returned. Michael calls Kitty and tells her to bring the golf clubs back. Reggie disguises himself as a taxi driver and brings her home, returning the documents to Hildebrand. Kitty is shocked when she realises that the documents didn't in fact belong to Michael. He tries one more time to persuade Kitty to get back together with him. However, realising that Kitty and Reggie really love each other, he makes a getaway after punching him. The hounds are brought out and whole household joins in the chase. Michael escapes by car. Kitty laughs at Reggie who is still stunned after being punched by Michael. Reggie quickly joins in her merriment and the two are reunited.