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Grand Prix (1949)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

L.S. of the disused aerodrome at Silverstone. Map of the road circuit, shots of the course. The racing cars arrive by lorry and are unloaded. On the morning of the race, scrutineers examine the cars. Close-ups of the engines; shots of the 4.5 litre un-supercharged Talbot Lago and the 1.5 litre supercharged E.R.A. Ferraris and Masseratis are also in the race. Shots of mechanics, fuel and tyre experts at work. Close-ups of the following drivers: George Nixon, David Hampshire, Billy Cotton, the bandleader, John Bolster, George Abercassis, Raymond Mays, Louis Chiron, Louis Rosier, Bob Gerard, Bira, Prince of Thailand, Emmanuel de Graffenried, Reg Parnell and Louis Villoresi. Preparations continue.

The cars are wheeled out for a final checking. Commentary names the drivers and types of cars. The tanks are topped up with racing fuel and the drivers climb into their cars. After making the lap, the cars assemble in rows at the starting point. Earl Howe, Chairman of the R.A.C. competition committee gives the drivers their final instructions. The two-minute signal is given and the cars start up. L.S. of crowd. The race begins. The far side of the circuit is shown, with cars coming round the bend. David Murray brings his car to change a plug. Bira in no.1 car leads the race. Villoresi in no.12 car brings his car in for fuel replenishment. Six laps later, he stops again due to loss of oil pressure. Gerald is shown going strong. Villoresie comes in again because of car trouble. His manager walks back with him to inspect it, but Chiron has to retire. Villoresi maintains his lead with Parnell in second place. Parnell then takes over the lead. Bira has to retire after a skid in which the car front is bent. Parnell retires due to loss of oil pressure. Graffenried then leads. Boulster crashes but is unhurt. Gerard increases speed. In the five last laps, Graffenried leads and is the winner with Gerard second and Rosier third. Final shots of the winners' enclosure.

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