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Dreamland Adventures (1907)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

Three children dressed in their nightclothes play with with a doll and a model car in their bedroom. As they hear their mother's approach, they jump into bed. She arrives to tuck them in and clear away the toys.

After the mother has left, the doll jumps out of the model car, expands to life-size and comes alive. The doll wakes the children with a clap of the hands and the children get up, put on their shoes and go out of the room, the boy taking the model car. The doll leads the children by a side gate onto the street. With a clap of the doll's hands the toy car is transformed into a full-sized model chauffeured by a now life-size golly.

The doll and the children climb into the car. The car drives off through a park and on to a snow scene on a painted backdrop. The car changes back to its toy size and the occupants tumble to the ground. The young boy then takes a toy submarine from a box and drops it into the water where it becomes a full-size model. The three children climb aboard followed by the two toys. The submarine is seen travelling underwater through live fish. Inside the submarine, the doll drills the children, then they watch the fish through a porthole.

The submarine re-emerges amongst icebergs and the children climb out followed by the toys who are approached by a polar bear. The doll faints in shock. The children reappear and the boy produces a toy air balloon which the doll transforms to full size with a clap of the hands. They all climb inside and escape from the polar bear who has been chasing the golly. The polar bear grabs a trailing rope and is swept up into the air, finally dropping to the ground and being impaled on a sharp iceberg.

Travelling through the air, the children watch the earth below through binoculars. The air balloon is swallowed by a face in the mountainside and the children, trapped in a lump of ice, are blown across the landscape. They drift along inside the iceberg, finally arriving outside their home where a maid is washing flagstones. The master and mistress of the house are called and they take the iceblock to a fire to thaw. The children are released and hug their parents.