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Teaching with Film: Understanding Film


The short films in this section explore some of the slightly more complex ways we use to successfully 'read' a film. Many processes work on audiences in ways that are largely unconscious - we can understand a lot about the kind of film we are watching from the kind of music that accompanies the action, or from the way the 'title sequence' is presented. All of these elements are the results of careful choices employed by the filmmakers with the intention of creating a particular effect or eliciting a particular response.

The Title Sequence

You can learn a surprising amount about a film - its purpose, intended audience, genre - before it has even really started! In this video, we look at what we can infer about two very different films by analysing their title sequences.

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Film and Music

In this film, leading silent film accompanist and composer Neil Brand demonstrates the role of music in creating mood and meaning in film, as he plays three very different accompaniments to the same clip.

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In this film, the award-winning cinematographer Walter Lassally talks us through some aspects of his work behind the camera. From the significance of camera movements, lighting and the roles of the camera team, to the differences between shooting on film or video, this film provides an introduction to a crucial element of the filmmaking process.

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