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Teaching with Film: Film Techniques


The short films in this section consider some of the most basic elements of filmmaking - the kind of things we, as viewers, tend to take for granted. The shot is the fundamental unit of a film, but there are many different kinds of shots.

What makes a filmmaker choose between a close-up and a long-shot? What are the effects of those decisions? What effect does it have when a filmmaker moves the camera, 'zooming' towards or away from the action, or 'tracking' it? Using simple but engaging animations, the short films here answer these questions and more, presenting an invaluable beginners' guide to understanding the process of filmmaking.

Basic Camera Shots

This short animation looks at why a filmmaker might choose different camera shots and to what effect.

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Camera Movements

In what ways does a camera move and why? When would a tilt shot be used? What's the difference between a track and a zoom shot? This animation explores the basic camera movements most commonly used in moving images.

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Camera Angles

In this film we look at how the angle of a camera affects our experience of a shot.

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