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KS3/4 Citizenship: Children (1976)

A short extract is the basis for a discussion about the nature of bullying

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Author Laura Evans
Curriculum links Citizenship Framework KS3: Unit 03: Human rights

An extract from Terence Davies' drama about the childhood of a young boy, Robert Tucker, brought up - like Davies himself - in a Catholic working-class home in Liverpool.

This short, largely silent extract from the 1976 film Children offers teachers an imaginative way in to the issue of bullying and a starting point for considering some of the rights and responsibilities that students have in relation to each other and their teachers.

This starter activity is discussion based and does not require students to know anything about the film from which the extract is taken.



Watch the extract through as a class. Ask students to imagine what has happened between the two boys before this confrontation, discussing their ideas in pairs before feeding back to the class.

After sharing their ideas, ask students to brainstorm:

  • the various reasons why young people might be bullied
  • the various reasons why young people might bully others

This should lay the groundwork for a class agreement on definitions for:

  • bullying
  • a bully

Now, ask them to think about the reaction of 'Tucker'. Was he wrong to retaliate when the taller boy pushed him? What other options were open to him?

Finally, the extract is called 'A Double Bullying'. Why do students think this is? How has schooling changed between the time that the film was made in the 1970s and today, in terms of the rights and responsibilities of both teachers and students?


Some more ideas

  • Encourage students to think about their responsibilities when they see someone being bullied. Ask them to imagine themselves as an unseen character in the scene - perhaps the camera even represents their point-of-view. How would they react if they saw the confrontation between the two boys before the arrival of a member of staff? How should they react? You might want to link this discussion into a wider exercise on your school's bullying policy.
Video Clips
1. A double bullying (4:05)

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