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Aims and Objectives

The rationale behind the Journey Times project

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Why transport?

Young people were asked to participate in the Journey Times project because it is one of the central topics that affects all of our lives in London. Each of us makes thousands of big and small journeys a year, and often we forget to look around and think about what we experience along the way. Especially in London, we come into contact daily with strangers and friends, experience frustrations and moments of joy and laughter while riding buses, trains, tubes, or driving, walking or cycling.

Transport for London's School Travel Team works with schools to help young people think critically about how the transport choices they make affect the world around them. The School Travel Team is dedicated to getting young people thinking about sustainability through helping reduce car use and promoting walking and cycling.

Why film?

Our experiences of travel draw deeply on our senses; we look and listen to the world around us as we go about our journeys. Film is a uniquely powerful way of communicating these experiences, and of reflecting back on what we have seen when we watch it later.

Additionally, making a film is an exciting and challenging learning experience. You have to learn not only to use equipment and work as a team, but also to look at the world around you in a different way to compose your shots and tell your story.

The Times BFI London Film Festival is one of the largest public film festivals in Europe, showcasing hundreds of films in venues all across London in October-November each year. The Education Programme of the Festival brings new audiences to the Festival and to the BFI, working with schools, community groups, educators and families to learn more about film through hands-on activities and free screenings.


Journey Times was designed in order to encourage students to:

  • Feel comfortable expressing their opinions about current debates
  • Engage in thinking about the historical and contemporary context of transport in London
  • Consider the impact of travel choices on local and global communities
  • Learn about different filmmaking styles and how to craft their own short film
  • Work collaboratively in teams to create a final product
  • Gain ICT skills through practical application
  • Gain confidence working with archival material and conducting independent research

You can learn more about the films and watch them by following the links on the right.

You can download two Journey Times resource packs by following the links on the right.


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