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Ready Bendy Go! (2007)

Main image of Ready Bendy Go! (2007)
Writer/Director/Editor Shantesha Chantilou, Marcus Ellis, Gizem Ali, Jason Eden, Kazeem Essoh, Firat Uskuri
Facilitators Alicia Blum-Ross, Vivi Lachs, Sam Lawlor, Duncan Melvin, Julie Scott
Special Thanks Alix Streadwick and Helen Griffin, Hackney Council, Portico City Learning Centre
Focus Questions
In the Classroom

Ready Bendy Go! was created by a group of year 11 students at Horizon School in Hackney, Northeast London. Horizon is a school for students with special educational needs (SEN) and the students created their film as part of their drama coursework and to reinforce communication and expression skills as well as to build confidence. The project also reinforced on-going work with students to build up their ability to travel independently to school and around their local area.

The students chose to make a film about bendy buses because they are some of the most popular buses for students at the school. Having watched archive footage the students were aware of the Routemaster buses that were replaced by the Bendy Buses, and discussed some of the reasons for the change, including accessibility and the fact that they can carry more people. In interviewing people for their 'vox-pops' they also heard some of the negative views of the buses and were able to weigh the debate by representing both views in their film.

In order to represent their own take on the buses the students discussed what they liked and didn't like, and how they felt while riding the bus.These impressions are woven through the film in the original song they created with help from Vivi Lachs at the Portico CLC. In addition to learning about Garage Band to record their song and iMovie to edit the film, the students also learned basic skills in stop-motion animation to create the animated bus sequence.

Video Clips
Ready Bendy Go - Complete film (4:51)
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