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KS5 Film and Media Studies: Young Soul Rebels (1991)

Explore the use of high and low angles.

Main image of KS5 Film and Media Studies: Young Soul Rebels (1991)
AuthorPoppy Simpson, BFI
Topic High and low angles
Key WordsComposition, mise-en-scene, high angle, low angle

Caz and Chris run a pirate radio station in East London. When a gay man is murdered while cruising in a London park, Chris is arrested for the murder.

Young Soul Rebels (1991), which deals with race, sexuality and national identity in 1970s London, could be used in Film and Media studies in a range of different contexts. However, in this activity the extract is used merely as an introduction to high and low angles and how they can be employed to support the narrative and aid an audience's understanding of a character's emotional state.



Before watching the extract, you might ask students to read through the Screenonline anaylsis and synopsis of the film so that they have some contextual understanding (follow the link on the right hand of this page).

Watch the extract The interview, asking students to think about the composition of the shots and how these add to our understanding of the interaction between Chris and the station boss.

Students should notice that the director employs high and low angles when shooting Chris and the station boss respectively - what does this suggest about their status and state of mind? Does the camera position/camera angle exaggerate Chris's nervousness and the station boss' power and status?


Some more ideas

  • Challenge students to re-storyboard the scene, using different types of shots.
Video Clips
1. Chris and Caz (4:24)
2. The police visit (4:11)
3. The interview (3:37)

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