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Box of Delights: Soho Square (1992)

Material to accompany the BFI Mediatheque Box of Delights DVD

Main image of Box of Delights: Soho Square (1992)
35mm, 11 min, colour
DirectorMario Cavalli
Production CompanyPizazz Pictures
ForArts Council
 Channel Four
Focus Questions
In the Classroom

Animated portrait of the sights and sounds of a crowded London square

Soho Square offers a painterly vision of a small public garden in central London, paying homage to the various people who inhabit the space.

The film really tests the limits of the definition of 'animation', as the majority of what we see on screen is live-action performance. Director Mario Cavalli began by shooting the everyday goings-on of Soho Square and this footage formed the basis of a choreographed performance by actors, wearing prosthetics to exaggerate certain aspects of different characters' bodies. Finally, the footage was re-coloured and manipulated.

Follow the link to In The Classroom at the top of this page for teaching suggestions for the Primary classroom. In Focus Questions you'll find suggestions for questions to focus students' attention while watching the film. These will also help to develop their understanding of film language.

Video Clips
Extract (2:00)
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Cs and Ss worksheet

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