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Box of Delights: One Potato Two Potato (1957)

Material to accompany the BFI Mediatheque Box of Delights DVD

Main image of Box of Delights: One Potato Two Potato (1957)
16mm, 23 min, black & white
Director Leslie Daiken
Production Company BFI Experimental Film Fund
Focus Questions
In the Classroom

Children's games played out on the streets of London

Filmed over a 12-month period, this study of children's games played in London streets and playgrounds stands out for its freshness and spontaneity.

The director achieves a remarkable skill and understanding in the way he captures the children, whose games range from the repetitive tongue-twisters chanted by the girls to a conker tournament in the park.

Made over a decade after the end of the war, the film also stands as a record of the bomb sites that pockmarked London and provided many urban children with a place to play.

Follow the link to In The Classroom at the top of this page for teaching suggestions for the Primary classroom. In Focus Questions you'll find suggestions for questions to focus students' attention while watching the film. These will also help to develop their understanding of film language.

Video Clips
Complete film (20:36)
Downloadable Teaching Resources
Cs and Ss worksheet

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