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KS5 Science: Special Delivery (1991)

Does the medical preference for hospital births undermine a woman's right to choose?

Main image of KS5 Science: Special Delivery (1991)
Author Ryan Deneven-Lewis
Topic Childbirth
Curriculum linksKS5 Biology

This clip looks at the role of midwives in childbirth and argues for greater choice for women when it comes to choosing between hospital births and giving birth at home.

This short extract brings up a number of different issues, medical and moral, to do with childbirth and could be used to start or round off a lesson on the topic.



Ask pupils to watch the clip, noting down the arguments in favour of home birth, thinking in particular about the distinction between what is described in the clip as 'normal' and 'abnormal' midwifery.

This can be followed by a quick, teacher-led discussion, exploring why pupils think that a hospital birth has become the most common and publicly accepted type of childbirth as well as the different roles of a midwife and obstetrician.

Finally, challenge pupils to formulate one scientific and one moral/ethical question in response to the clip and listen to a selection of the class's ideas.


Some more ideas

  • What percentage of women have home births today? Ask students to look at the current trends in pregnancy and childbirth - the National Childbirth Trust website is a good place to start.
Video Clips
4. Women's choice (3:06)

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