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How to use the Education Zone

The Education Zone is built around existing material on BFI Screenonline.

Access to the moving image material is free and available to all UK schools, colleges, universities and public libraries through the National Education Network or JANET. If you are experiencing any problems accessing the video material, please let us know.

Teachers can already use BFI Screenonline to search for films or TV programmes to integrate into a scheme of work or lesson plan.

The new Education Zone has been developed to help simplify this process. Each month, the zone will be updated with new subject-specific, curriculum-relevant resources - including starters, plenaries and lesson ideas - that use existing BFI Screenonline titles as the basis for teaching a particular topic.

While moving image material has traditionally been used to support learning in subjects like English and History, the Education Zone has been developed to meet the needs of ALL subject teachers.

The site is divided into a number of different sections which are updated monthly:

  • TOPS AND TAILS: Starters and plenaries for all subjects using moving images, categorised by subject area and key stage.
  • LESSON BANK: 'It does exactly what it says on the tin'. Search by subject area to find curriculum linked lesson ideas, listed by key stage (with a short description of the lesson content). Each lesson idea links directly to the video material as well as the existing BFI Screenonline entry, which contains more detailed contextual and cast and credits information.
  • SHOW AND TELL: Four short features, written by different teachers, discussing how they have used the same film or TV programme to support learning in their particular subject.
  • DIY: An index of films, TV programmes and collections that teachers might find useful organised into subject areas. These are not comprehensive lists and you may find more useful titles for your purposes elsewhere on the site.
  • SPOTLIGHT ON…: Each month, the Education Zone takes an existing BFI Screenonline 'collection' of films (such as Animation or Films from the 1940s) and asks a group of different teachers to develop subject specific resources using films from the collection.
  • BFI MEDIATHEQUE: The BFI Mediatheque at BFI Southbank (formerly the NFT) allows users to access treasures from the BFI National Archive. You can simply turn up, log in to one of the stations and start viewing titles of your choice. A DVD of selected titles from the Essentially British programme at the Mediatheque is being sent to all UK schools (Heads of Citizenship/History) in April to support teachers in introducing exploring the concepts of citizenship and 'Britishness' in class. An online teaching guide to support the DVD will be available in this section from April.
  • TEACHING WITH MOVING IMAGE: This section provides a quick guide to 'film language' to help you get the most out of moving image in the classroom, whatever your subject area. The section also includes basic teaching techniques for using moving image and suggestions about which subjects they can be used in. For a more detailed look at using film and television effectively in the classroom, download the free online resources Moving Images in the Classroom (secondary) and Look Again! (primary).
  • MONTHLY COLLECTION: Each month we select a group of films that shed light on a topical issue.