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Technical Help

I can't access the BFI Screenonline clips, or I have seen an error message...

Before contacting us, please ensure that you have performed all the checks in the list below, and submit any error information according to the instructions given at the end.

  • Please confirm that your school, college, university or public library is registered to view the BFI Screenonline clips. Please log onto one of your institution's computers and visit the IP check tool. If you see a message indicating 'Not registered', then you will need to register your institution - see Registration Help. Please be aware that even if you have previously registered with us, we may only have a record of one of your multiple IP address ranges, and it may be necessary to register the other ranges. Please see Registration help for more information.
  • Please check whether it is one particular clip that isn't working (in which case please contact us to let us know which one), or if it is all clips. Please also check if the clips work on any of the other computers at your institution.
  • Please check with your network manager to confirm that you are permitted to view media clips, as it is possible that this function has been disabled locally.
  • PC users: In Windows Media Player, go to the 'Tools' menu, click on 'Options', and then click the 'Network' tab. Check which protocols are selected in the 'Streaming protocols' section - at least TCP and HTTP must be checked for BFI Screenonline video streaming to work.
  • PC users: Please check which version of Windows Media Player your computer is using. To do so, open your player and go to 'Help' and then select 'About...' To successfully play the BFI Screenonline clips you need version 9 or above. You can upgrade to a newer version at
  • PC users: Please note that it may be advisable to reinstall your copy of Windows Media Player even if it is the right version, as it may have corrupted. Often, reinstalling WMP rectifies this problem. If you have downloaded a new media player but the screen remains blank even after you have allowed time for the clip to buffer (at times of heavy use, it may take some time), before clicking the play button, right-click on the blank screen and select 'Error details'. It may be helpful if you can send us all the information contained in 'Error details' as a screen grab.
  • PC users: If neither of the suggestions above work for your PC, please copy the URL of the video clip stream itself (right click on the clip name and select 'Copy Shortcut' or 'Copy Link Location'). Next, run Windows Media Player, go to 'File', then 'Open URL', and paste the URL and press OK. Alternatively, try right-clicking on the streaming link, select 'Save Target As' and then open the resultant file in WMP. Please let us know exactly what happens and whether any errors are displayed. Unfortunately it is difficult to diagnose the cause remotely, especially as it may be due to browser misconfiguration or a damaged or incomplete software installation. Please try viewing clips on several different machines to check it is not an issue with one specific machine, or try reinstalling the Media player software.
  • Mac users: please note that most of the video clips on BFI Screenonline are Windows Media Player. You will need Windows Media Player 9 for Mac OS X in order to play the clips, which you can download at no cost from the Microsoft website.